Healing is about bringing the light of awareness to what has been pushed away.
— Tara Brach

I am currently a video/phone-based psychotherapist who specializes in working with individuals, groups, and couples who want to have complex and transformative conversations about:

  • Navigating life as a motivated person in eating disorder recovery
  • Trauma and its impact on the body (including queer/gender-non conforming and trans bodies and bodies impacted by intergenerational trauma)
  • Work/life/emotional balance as a new or expectant parent
  • Living sustainably with chronic health issues
  • Incorporating mindfulness practices and Buddhist psychology into psychotherapy sessions
  • Moving from a life dictated by trauma reactions to a life of more ease, spaciousness and agency

I am deeply invested in working with people who are motivated to implement insights from our work together into their lives, moving from stuckness to embodiment and choice. I offer video and phone based psychotherapy to those who are seeking to explore the underlying causes of psychic suffering. I am attentive to the ways that this suffering often emerges from the internalization of socially oppressive forces and family legacies of trauma. My practice is psychodynamically informed and inspired by a belief that Relationally driven, attachment-based therapeutic work can provide emancipatory possibilities for ourselves and our communities when we are motivated and willing to make brave changes.

I am a curious, observant, warm, collaborative, attentive and dedicated therapist who believes in therapy as a healing and transformative practice. I provide a space to begin to learn about the many parts of self that have not been given an opportunity to have a voice. I work with you and your body/psychic wisdom to navigate the many paths to healing. I am passionate about working with people in healing professions, creatives, couples, the GLBTQI community, and college students.

I am a queer-identified parent, an art-maker, an activist, someone living with chronic health issues, and a scholar of critical, psychoanalytic and mindfulness-based theories. I received a Masters of Arts in Visual and Critical Studies in 2007 and a Masters of Social Work from Smith College in 2013. In 2017, I completed a certificate program at The Stephen Mitchell Center for Relational Studies. Additionally, I served as the Program Director at Balance Eating Disorder treatment center and have years of experience working with issues related to trauma and its impact on the body. I have published on the topics of intergenerational trauma transmission, eating disorders, sexual assault in the music industry, and gender dysphoria.

visit https://www.livinginthisqueerbody.com/welcome for info on my podcast project and all things related to the Living in this Queer Body Project